Social, Behavioral, and Methodological Sciences Research


2M’s Social, Behavioral, and Methodological Science Research is led by Dr. Jim Murdoch, Senior Vice President; and Dr. Nicholas Beyler, Director of Social, Behavioral, and Methodological Science Research. Dr. Murdoch’s and Dr. Beyler’s team of interdisciplinary subject matter experts, research analysts, and programmatic specialists offer expertise and an exemplary capacity to conduct population and institutional-based research.

Jim Murdoch, PhD

Senior Vice President

Nicholas Beyler, PhD

Senior Director of Social, Behavioral, and Methodological Sciences

Economic Research Areas

  • Applied microeconomics, including health, labor, education, housing, public, behavioral, pharmacoeconomics, and urban economics
    • Microeconometrics, including evaluation studies and causal inference utilizing panel data, pre-processing (propensity scoring), regression discontinuity, and other approaches
      • Regional and macroeconometric forecasting, including forecasting of broad revenue categories for local governments and integrating macro forecasts with more specific models
        • Utilizing simulation for policy analysis, including a working familiarity with the Future Elderly Model (FEM) and the Cornell Simulation Model (CORSIM) Population-Based Research

          Population-Based Research

          • Data Management
            • Survey Research (25-Station Survey Data Collection Center)
              • Demography
                • Population Trends and Projections, including School and College Enrollment
                  • Family and Household Composition
                    • School-to-Work Transition
                      • Workforce Development
                        • Regional and Local GDP and Employment by Industry
                          • Occupational Labor Markets and Outlooks
                            • Employment and Earnings
                              • Income and Poverty
                                • Public Assistance and Program Participation
                                  • Social Security and Retirement Income
                                    • Neighborhood and Community Development
                                      • Homeownership and Financing