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Our onsite 56-seat Survey Research Center uses state-of-the-art technology and multimodal approaches that integrate mail, email, phone, and web modalities to facilitate a wide range of survey needs, including customizable survey solutions and advanced quality assurance tools, computer-assisted interviewing technology, (CATI, CAPI, CARI, CADE), cognitive monitoring and focus groups, nationwide field interviewing, and more.

Statistical and Geospatial Innovation Center

We provide solutions to complex problems using advanced statistical solutions and high-performance computing resources including sample design, weighting, design effects and estimation, big data mining, modeling, simulation, spatial analysis, visualization, database creation and management, and more.

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Marcus Martin, PhD, MPH


Marcus Martin, PhD, MPH


Dr. Marcus Martin is the Founder and CEO of 2M Research. He is responsible for 2M’s corporate vision, strategic growth, and talent acquisition. He has over 23 years of applied research, programmatic, and academic experience and is a former faculty