About 2M


Founded in 2011 by Dr. Marcus Martin (CEO) and Dr. Eddilisa Martin (President), 2M Research (2M) is a minority-owned research and advisory firm focused on providing federal, state, and local government agencies; commercial clients; and nonprofit organizations with objective and rigorous research, program evaluation, and policy analysis consulting services. Since being awarded its first federal prime contract in November 2013, 2M has been awarded prime contracts in 25 federal agencies. Over 70 percent of 2M’s staff members hold advanced degrees.


  • 2011

    2M founded

  • 2012

    2M receives its SBA 8(a) certification

  • 2013

    2M awarded first federal prime contract with USDA FNS Division

  • 2015

    2M receives its SBA HUBZone certification

  • 2016

    2M establishes headquarters in Arlington, TX

  • 2017

    2M wins 35 new contracts, adds 9 federal agencies to our client portfolio

  • 2018

    2M establishes office in Arlington, VA; Current footprint in 22 federal agencies

Practice Areas

Each of four research practice areas is led by a Vice President who has a PhD or MD, peer-reviewed journal articles and/or government-approved reports, and more than 20 years of experience managing projects within their respective area of expertise. Our practice areas include:

All practice areas are supported by our two research centers:

The 2M Survey Research Center

Our onsite 56-seat Survey Research Center uses state-of-the-art technology and multimodal approaches that integrate mail, email, phone, and web modalities to facilitate a wide range of survey needs.

  • Customizable survey solutions and advanced quality assurance tools
    • Computer-assisted interviewing (CATI, CAPI, CARI, CADE)
      • Cognitive monitoring and focus groups
        • Nationwide field interviewing
          • Information security and physical safeguards that comply with all applicable laws and regulations for the secure handling of federal data, including personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI)
            • Training lab
              • Interviewer training
              • Economic experiments
              • Real-time video/audio equipment to support recording and archiving of data collection activities
              • Broadcasting that allows for the control of multiple camera feeds
              • Additional apps to facilitate real-time interaction, such as voting or instant messaging

              The 2M Statistical and Geospatial Innovation Center

              We provide solutions to complex problems using advanced statistical solutions and high-performance computing resources.

              • Big data mining, modeling, and simulation
                • Spatial analysis and visualization
                  • Database creation and management, including merging large and diverse administrative databases
                    • Implementation of alternative estimation strategies for complex statistical models
                      • Merging large and diverse administrative databases
                        • Creating applications for GIS
                          • High-performance computing resources to support various approaches to parallelization, including harnessing the structure of Graphical Processing Units (GPUs)

                            Our Service Areas

                            Research and Evaluation

                            • Evaluation design and execution
                              • Data collection, management, and processing
                                • Primary and secondary data analysis
                                  • Systematic and literature reviews

                                    Data Management, Collection, and Processing

                                    • Large-scale quantitative survey research
                                      • Web and mail surveys
                                        • Cognitive testing
                                          • In-depth interviews
                                            • Focus groups
                                              • Behavior monitoring
                                                • Field interviewer training and material development
                                                  • Computer-assisted services (CATI, CAPI, CARI, CADE)
                                                    • Integrated multimodal approaches

                                                      Technical Assistance

                                                      • Training and education
                                                        • Stakeholder engagement
                                                          • Grant management support and performance measurement and monitoring

                                                            Economic Analysis and Population Forecasting

                                                            • Applied microeconomics: health, labor, education, housing, public, behavioral, pharmacoeconomics, and urban economics
                                                            • Microeconometrics: evaluation studies and causal inference utilizing panel data, preprocessing propensity scoring, regression discontinuity
                                                            • Regional and macroeconometric forecasting: forecast broad revenue categories for local governments and integrating macro-forecasts
                                                            • Simulation for policy analysis: Future Elderly Model (FEM), the Cornell Simulation Model (CORSIM)
                                                            • Policy analysis

                                                              Statistical Consulting

                                                              • Sample design: simple random to complex multistage designs, and spatial sampling
                                                                • Weighting
                                                                  • Nonresponses, power, and design effects and estimation analysis

                                                                    Clinical Trials Management

                                                                    • Clinical monitoring/site management
                                                                      • Protocol design/project management
                                                                        • Participant recruitment and retention
                                                                          • Biostatistics/data management

                                                                            Logistics and Communications

                                                                            • Meeting planning and conference support
                                                                              • Strategic communications and marketing
                                                                                • Graphic design and data visualization

                                                                                  Our Clients

                                                                                  2M’s clients include federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, pharmaceutical and biotech firms, educational organizations, and more.

                                                                                  Our Partners

                                                                                  2M welcomes the opportunity to partner with both large and small businesses.

                                                                                  For more information, contact:

                                                                                  Marcus Martin, PhD, MPH


                                                                                  Marcus Martin, PhD, MPH


                                                                                  Dr. Marcus Martin is the Founder and CEO of 2M Research. He is responsible for 2M’s corporate vision, strategic growth, and talent acquisition. He has over 23 years of applied research, programmatic, and academic experience and is a former faculty