Shu Li, MPH

Shu Li is a SAS Programmer with 2M Research. Ms. Li’s core areas of expertise include applied statistics, data analysis, statistical programming, and data visualization using SAS, SPSS, R, JMP, Tableau.

Ms. Li is currently utilizing her SAS Programming and data analysis skills for 2M’s projects with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food (USDA) Nutrition Service (FNS) and other federal agencies. In her role as a Research Analyst for USDA FNS’s Child Nutrition Program Operations Study II (CN-OPS-II)—the goal of which is to collect timely data on policy, administrative, and operational issues within Child Nutrition programs—Ms. Li has been responsible for data cleaning, merging, and editing and generating SAS output to populate deliverable tables. Ms. Lie also assists with Quality Assurance for USDA FNS’s Child Nutrition Reducing Burden Study, including examining independent SAS programs and submitting them to avoid any warnings and errors in the programs and tables.

Before joining 2M, Ms. Li worked as a Statistical Analyst at Abbott Laboratories and Parkland Hospital and participated in projects that investigated the association between asthma emergency room visits and air pollutants in Dallas County, Texas. She holds an Advanced SAS Certificate and has 5 years of experience in Macros, SQL and SAS/STATS programing. Ms. Li earned her Master of Public Health in Biostatistics from the University of North Texas Health Science Center and a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science from Indiana University, South Bend.

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