Arpita Chakravorty, PhD

Dr. Arpita Chakravorty is a Senior Research Analyst and Economist at 2M Research, and has 8 years of experience conducting economic research. Over the years, she has examined various policy-relevant questions in the fields of labor, health, and development economics. Her research involves studying decision making among older individuals, specifically examining the labor market choices, health and risk preferences of older adults in response to income changes. She has examined the health and education of young children with changes in household income and intrahousehold allocation of resources. Dr. Chakravorty has experience working with large administrative and survey datasets like the Bureau of Labor Statistics income, youth employment and unemployment data, the Federal Housing Finance Agency, public and restricted data of the Health and Retirement Study, the District Level Household Survey and National Family Health Survey of India, to name a few. She is currently supporting 2M’s projects with the United States Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service. Her methodological expertise includes conducting causal analysis using quasi-experimental designs such as regression discontinuity design, difference-in-differences, in addition to techniques like instrumental variable regression and panel data techniques. She has also served as a business analyst in the financial services sector where she designed strategies and conducted data analysis using various forecasting techniques to project collections for collection agencies. Dr. Chakravorty received her PhD and Master of Arts in Economics from the University of Houston, and a Master of Science in Financial Economics from Anna University, India. She is a member of several organizations, including the American Economic Association and Southern Economic Association.

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