Alicia Garza, MA

Alicia Garza is a Translation Analyst with 2M Research. Ms. Garza has experience in Freelance Translation assisting local companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with Spanish translations of human resource materials for the purposes of bridging communication gaps between employer and personnel. In her role as Human Resource Manager and In-House Translator for Chick-fil-A North Collins for 7 years, she led the expansion and creation of company policies, compliance with federal and state labor laws, creation of an employee assistance program connecting workers to social programs and organizations, recruiting, staffing, and training of both Spanish and English employees. Ms. Garza has also advanced her role in the field of teaching and is currently a Spanish instructor at the University of Texas at Arlington. Ms. Garza earned her Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Barry University and holds a Master of Arts in Spanish Translation and Interpretation from the University of Texas at Brownsville and a Master of Arts in Modern Languages – Spanish from the University of Texas at Arlington. Ms. Garza supports the Spanish translation efforts of data collection instruments for all 2M projects and was the supervisor for the data collection efforts for 2M’s Child Nutrition Operations Study-II and the Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals projects.

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