Nicholas Beyler, PhD

Dr. Nicholas Beyler is Vice President of Social, Behavioral, and Methodological Sciences Research at 2M Research Services. He is an expert in sample design, analysis of complex survey data, random assignment procedures, model-based analysis, and systematic evidence reviews. Prior to 2M, Dr. Beyler was a Senior Statistician with Mathematica Policy Research where he worked on projects in education, nutrition, and physical activity. He has led research focused on collecting educational and health outcomes data for the Randomized Experiment of Playworks study, a study of the Harlem Children’s Zone, and the Health Care Survey of U. S. Department of Defense Beneficiaries Survey. He has also served as evidence lead, deputy methodologist, certified reviewer, and reconciler for the What Works Clearinghouse. Dr. Beyler has published articles in, and served as a peer reviewer for, the Journal of Applied Statistics, Preventive Medicine, the Journal of School Health, the Journal of Physical Activity and Exercise, and Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. He is an active member of the American Statistical Association. Dr. Beyler earned his PhD in Statistics and his Master of Science in Statistics from Iowa State University and he received his Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Economics from Lawrence University.

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