Elizabeth Adams, MS

Elizabeth K. Adams is a Public Health Research Analyst with 2M Research. Prior to joining 2M, she was with RTI International, working as a public health scientist in the Center for Communication Science. Ms. Adams has 10 years of experience working on complex, national public health evaluation studies, including project direction and management with multidisciplinary teams, strategic and evaluation planning leadership, manuscript development, and dissemination of evaluation data to clients and the public. Ms. Adams was as an assistant project director to the national CDC Communities Putting Prevention to Work program evaluation, a wide-scale multisite evaluation of tobacco, obesity, and physical activity programs across the nation, which required coordinating multilevel data integration. Key areas of expertise include qualitative and quantitative research methods, qualitative data analysis, community-based intervention design, program and evaluation implementation, performance monitoring, and evaluation technical assistance. Her content areas of interest include diffusion of innovations, comprehensive program evaluation, HIV/AIDS prevention, and heart disease and stroke prevention. Ms. Adams holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Georgia State University and a Master of Science in Psychology from North Carolina State University.

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